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Introducing Techstuff

We're not your typical tech platform. Alan’s a tech shop owner, and I, the 'tech-challenged' partner, make an unusual duo. We challenge the status quo by offering a unique tech experience. Alan thinks everyone knows tech, but I'm here to prove him wrong.

For instance, what's the roadblock to reselling old tech? It's not just the fear of personal data ending up in the wrong hands – for some it's the lack of tech knowledge in relation to how to wipe, and back up, gadgets before you sell them. And there’s evidence to prove this, that’s why we bridge this gap with instructional videos and blogs around ‘how to’ videos and much more.

Now, let's rewind to the birth of our brilliant business idea. One night, Alan was ranting (as he often does) about the lack of a one-stop-shop online for connecting with consumers, retailers, and wholesalers in the tech world in Ireland. Seriously, in a sector as massive and fast-growing as tech, how was it possible that Ireland didn't have an exclusive space for wider support and engagement? It was mind-boggling! So, we pulled at that thread and discovered a whole bunch of market gaps and needs.

Turns out, people had no platform to trade in their old gadgets without getting ripped off . And as if that wasn't enough, there was a distinct lack of security to ensure that products being bought weren't stolen.

If you crave a streamlined experience, our app lets you search, buy, sell, receive notifications, and chat with fellow tech enthusiasts and retailers . And hey, if you're a conscientious buyer, just like we are, we've even created the "near me" function so that you can shop local , supporting your own community more, and the environment overall . It's a win-win!

But hold on, we're not done yet. Techstuff isn't just here to elevate the consumer experience; we're also creating a competitive landscape for shops all across Ireland . Whether you're tucked away on a quiet side street or in the heart of a bustling city, our platform gives you the online presence you deserve

So, why not give us a shot? Hop online or download our app and dive into the Techstuff experience . And don't forget to send us your feedback—we're just getting started and we'd love to hear what you think.

Log into our app, where you can swipe, scroll, and save your preferences before you trade, buy or sell. Afterall, it's about time to sell that dusty old tech, make some cash, and save the environment while you're at it! Get on board now!

Android users, find us at techstuff play store Apple enthusiasts, we're waiting for you at App Store.

This Project has been part-funded by the LEADER programme, through the Nation development Plan and by the European Agriculture fund for rural Development